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Partnering with QuantumCash can Grow Your Business


QuantumCash® has uinque partnership opportunities for just about any vertical market. We have specific opportunities to Reach Millennials, Veterans, Sports Fans, Faith-Based Groups, as well as Local & National Organizations

If we don’t have, we will build it. Ask us about Joint Ventures.

Here are a few incredible opportnities to REACH MASSIVE MARKETS.


How to Reach the Millennials

How to Reach the Faith-Based Market

How to Reach the Health-Conscious Market

Partnership Opportunities For Targeted Markets 

QuantumCash will partner with companies that match the criteria of our Mission and Purpose for each market.  This is a revolutionary new way to REACH and CLAIM MASSIVE MARKETS FAST.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by what can happen when we deploy the QuantumCash Rewards System for a Joint Venture with your company.

Let us know if you are seeking to achieve market domination in a specific tradespace.

The QuantumCash Rewards Operating System (QCR-OS) could be the technology vehicle that can help your company achieve Marketspace Dominance even if you are new to that space.

Here are some Details of Current Partnership Opportunities:

Help Solve The Student Debt Crisis...

And Gain the Loyalty of Millions of Millennials

Connect with Millennials with a Message of Hope.

Appeal to the 40,000,000 college students and graduates who are carrying $1.4 Trillion in debt.

Your Company will be viewed as part of the solution to this national problem.  

CollegeWorks USA is powered by Earning Social and the QuantumCash Rewards Operating System. CollegeWorksUSA  delivers a viable mobile & online solution to help students and graduates overcome the burden of theri personal student debt.  

Potentially, this is one of the best opportunities to achieve Lifetime Customer Loyalty with one of the strongest and most socially active, influencer markets in the country.

Reduce Health Care Costs and

Motivate Employees All At Once

WellnessWorksUSA is perhaps the most innovative vehicle for any company to use to help reduce health care costs. Whether you are an employer of 50 to 50,000 people, providing WellnessWorkUSA to your employees will make you a HERO.

WellnessWorksUSA is like giving your employees a pay raise (because they can earn money), but the great thing is that it does not add a dime to your payroll.

If you are a Health Insurer, or Medical Provider, you should have our private-branded WellnessWorksUSA platform for Customer Acquisisiton, Loyalty & Retention (Stickiness) and Profitability.  Schedule a discussion with us today!

Connect with the Faith-Based Market

of 140+ Million People

Reach the Christian Faith-Based Market.

Financial Sustainability for Ministries is a passion of ours.

That's the primary pupose of MyKingdomWorks™, a compelling Membership for Christian Believers.

The Christian Market controls $7.1 Triilion in wealth. MyKingdomWorks could prove to be one of the most important channels for the delivery and use of the QuantumCash Rewards Operating System. Our database resource consists of 82,000,000 people.

Join us to reach and serve this market of 140 million people of faith in the United States, At the same time join us as we provide a platform for ministries and missions programs to achieve sustainable support.

Serving One of the Largest

Underserved Markets in America

Partriotism is alive and well in America.

WarriroWorksUSA is a phenomenal opportunity to reach and serve our military families and first responders across the country, and around the world.

Join us in the exciting WarriorWorksUSA Program to help those who have, and continue, to protect us in the United States. 

Ask us about our "Pay-It-Forward" Rewards Program for WarriorWorksUSA.


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