Earning Social for Non-Profits

Sustainable Support

QuantumCash and Earning Social have combined their technology platforms to provide a unique offering for non-profit organizations to generate sustainable financial support.

At a time when non-profits need sustainable support, the QuantumCash/Earning Social “vehicle” provides a one-time implementation that can be used on an on-going fund-raising system.  Members of the non-profit simply join, shop, and share with their friends.  The non-profit receives a 5% royalty of all cash rewards generated by the entire Social Universe that emanates from the Non-profit’s original inception of the program, up to a maximum of over 80,000 people.

While the Company make NO GUARANTEES as to the revenue that can be derived by a non-profit, there is an automated income calculator for non-profits. When speaking with one of our account executives, please feel free to remind them.

Churches & Schools

QuantumCash and Earning Social are active supporters of The KingdomWorks Project that is designed to empower and mobilize Christian faith-based initiatives such a building private Christian Schools.

Missions Groups

Internationally, QuantumCash and Earning Social have been actively collaborating with US-Based Gospel Outbound which organizes missionary outreach in Uganda. Earning Social has been working towards implementing an entirely separate functionality with Earning Social to benefit non-profits.

Community Organizations

MyKW is a faith-based initiative established to Unite, Empower and Mobilize members of the Christian Community to help preserve religious freedoms and to make an impact in local communities.

QuantumCash and Earning Social welcome inquiries from other community non-profit organizations. While the company will give consideration to such requests, it must limit the number of requests that it can entertain.

Marketing Tools

QuantumCash and Earning Social welcome the opportunity to collaborate with non-profits to produce the necessary sales and marketing tools.

Royalty Rewards

When it comes to creating a Legacy, QuantumCash and Earning Social are seeking to align with major donors who seek to support like-minded causes.

The Company has pioneered a favorable investment tax strategy that can enable a major donor to earn royalty interest income and subsequently donate the royalty income stream to a qualified non-profit organization.  The donor has the opportunity to generate tremendous tax savings while doing good.

Pay-It-Forward Rewards™

Pay-It-Forward Rewards™  is the newest proprietary iteration of Cash Rewards from QuantumCash. It changes the entire paradigm of cash rewards from “serving self” to “serving others.”  Pay-It-Forward Rewards is designed to help non-profit organizations generate sustainable support by encouraging members, and current supporters, of the non-profit organization to take small steps to earn cash for the organization by shopping at Earning Social Merchants.
Like script programs, a percentage of their purchases goes to the non-profit organization.  However, unlike those traditional programs, the Pay-It-Forward Rewards Program goes full circle to reward the member who invited others to participate. In other words, the member “gives up a little bit of rewards” and subsequently, Pay-It-Forward Rewards actually compensates the member for inviting others to do the same thing.  The ultimate goal is to generate more revenue for the non-profit organization.

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