It’s Time to Rethink Rewards.


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It’s Time to Replace Cashback with


QuantumCash is a Proprietary Plug-and-Play, Cloud-Based Rewards Program that gives customers MORE CASH REWARDS. CASH FLOW Rewards come from our proprietary shopping portal called Earning Social, with over 2,000 of the nation’s largest online retailers.

Earning Social combines Social Media with Financial Transactions.

Whether you are a Small Local Business, a Big Merchant, or a Huge Wireless Carrier, your company will benefit from our proprietary CASH FLOW REWARDS Program.  Regardless of the size of your company, QuantumCash will grow your business.

QuantumCash Combines Social Media with Financial Transactions.  It’s called Crowd-Shopping.

It’s how members can Earn More than they spend.

We pay them based on the shopping of their entire Earning Social Universe.

We deploy INVITATION-ONLY Marketing….with Remarkable Results!

QuantumCash and Earning Social, together, provide a TURN-KEY technology platform that can handle millions of members. Our system is so unique that it is earned 4 US patents. We have over 2,000 major merchant partners participating at www.Earning.Social

Your CUSTOMERS simply shop online through our Earning Social Shopping Portal and INVITE a few friends. Then, when our social media component kicks in, the “Crowd-Shopping Effect” takes place. Your Customers EARN CASH based on their entire Earning Social Universe. This can amount to hundreds of dollars per month, which in some cases could be “more than they spend.”

That’s when Your Customers become real Brand Ambassadors for you.

Let us show you how we can deploy our system for for you.

Earning Social Brings You the Power of
Our 2,000+ Online Retailers

Our Marketing Department.

We are capable of bringing on a deluge of creative massages that are designed to resonate with various age groups. Their conceptual visualization for Millennials is powerful. And our trademarks like “Crowd-Shopping®” and Earning Social®have mass appeal for the younger market

MarketPower Memberships

Our affiliate, MarketPower USA, has a great vision for Lifestyle-Enhancing Memberships. From safety and security for families, to secure medical records for individuals and veterans, MarketPower Memberships will prove to be a valuable asset to any marketing-oriented company that we partner with..


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