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About QuantumCash®

Imagine Your Customers getting this message, just because they are YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Following years of development… securing multiple US and international patents… and advancing beyond those patents to trade secrets that can revolutionize the rewards industry…..QuantumCash ® is here and now.

QuantumCash® is offering its revolutionary new Multiplied Rewards® Technology that can be licensed, partnered and used by Merchants, Tech Companies, Financial Institutions, Healthcare Providers, and Real Estate marketers to stimulate their businesses.

It is called the QuantumCash Rewards Operating System (QuantumCash Rewards-OS)

If you are a C-Level Executive, you should know about this technology, and we suggest that you assign a team to participate as soon as possible!

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Our Plan –  Strategic Alliance Partnerships for Purpose, Engagement and Innovation – All to help YOUR BUSINESS Grow!

  • Purpose.QuantumCash will partner with leading companies in various vertical markets. Whether those partnerships are large or small, the critical factor is the PURPOSE.  We excel when the cause is equally important as the bottom line, and when our partners share that common value.
  • Engagement.By forming Strategic Alliances using QuantumCash Rewards Operating System with other companies, we believe we can help break performance barriers by increasing Engagement for all those who participate, including employees, users, customers and partners.
  • Innovation: If your company is interested in Innovation that breaks through the barriers of old-fashioned marketing, contact us today to explore a Strategic Alliances using the QuantumCash Rewards Operating System

A Vision for a Better America

Everywhere you look today, America is facing growing challenges….

  • A Student Debt Crisis now exists with over 40 MILLION Students and Graduates in the bondage of carrying MORE than $1.3 TRILLION in Student Debt.
  • Thousands of Non-Profit Organizations have experienced loss of support due to the aging of America and an emerging different perspective on giving by the younger generation.
  • A disappearing middle classis struggling to hold onto the American dream. Family paychecks have been shrinking… High-paying jobs are at a premium… and Commodity costs are rising…
  • Even worse, almost half of Americans, 146 million people, are considered poor by the US government. 46 million are below the poverty line– with prospects to climb out of their condition becoming ever more daunting…

The result is an increasing demand on public services that challenges local, state and federal governments to meet these needs.

There is an enormous opportunity for a Benefit Company like QuantumCash to offer up solutions that re-direct some of the massive funds that are being spent in advertising and marketing, and to use those funds to compensate consumers with Cash Flow Rewards which has the potential to impact their lives.

Our Mission

The QuantumCash® Mission is to become the most consumer-valued and universally used cash rewards and loyalty program ever introduced.

Our Company is dedicated to…

  • Helping all Americans improve their standard of living…
  • Helping Merchants and other businesses ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS and RETAIN EXISTING CUSTOMERS
  • Helping Businesses Optimize Lifetime Customer Value by offering our Lifetime Customer Loyalty™ Program
  • Helping Companies cut the waste from their marketing budgets by providing a direct-to-consumer rewards program.
  • Helping Local Merchants achieve an “ROI Lift” by providing a new revenue source that enables them to earn when their customers shop elsewhere.
  • Helping Faith-Based Organizations and non-profits achieve economic sustainability. As a faith-based company, we are intensely dedicated to this objective for the benefit of all.

Earning Social features thousands of online stores including these retailers…


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